Here are comments from some of our clients

Sirs: I am more than happy to state that, just as advertised, your property management package has benefitted our firm greatly. We had no clue that we were wasting so much valuable time and resources. We thought it would be very costly to computerize our business even though we all have and use computers at home. Now we don't search for information. It is right in front of us & it is accessable to any office member who has the code. Also I like that it is off-line and secure. I threw an office party this year, paid for by our printer related savings. Friday meetings are in front of the computer screen to discuss progress.

Thanks so much for your fine website. Your planning guide helped me to get a handle on what I wanted and needed. My new website is much better than the old one and your rates are very reasonable. You did a great job of increasing traffic to me, probably ten fold. Also I have many more contacts now. My business is now what I always hoped for.

Wow! I can't believe how busy I've gotten since you set up my website. I went from a hobby to a full blown business in weeks. You made it so easy and it cost much less than I could have imagined. I'll recommend you to all my friends.

Sirs, I'm a plumber and my wife has always hated the paperwork involved in billing my customers and paying bills. Now, with my new invoicing system, she hits the computer as soon as I finish a job, she really enjoys it. We both enjoy the tiny bill to lease the system.

Thanks, Kirk-websites, I recieved the little flash drives yesterday evening & installed my off-line system. Within minutes the system was in and I loaded the databases. I thought we would need help but you were right, everything works as planned except for a couple of data errors, which took minutes to correct. This is exciting already. There's no end to what I can do through this site.

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