Kirk-Websites planning guide
Contact information
Company Name
Street Address    
City State Zip
Who is the primary point of contact for this project?
First name Last name
Email Address
Phone # Fax #
Company information
Briefly describe the products/services your company offers

Are you involved with any associations or professional affiliations? yes no
If "yes", please list here

Website Goals
What is the purpose of your new/improved Website?

What message do you wish to convey to your audience?

What do you want your site to accomplish?
Improve company/brand awareness? yes no
Increase product/service sales? yes no
Provide entertainment value? yes no
Build community awareness? yes no
Act as a medium for internal company communications? yes no
Share information with others? yes no
Other? yes no
If "other", please explain

What color schemes do you prefer?

Are there any colors you definitely do NOT want?
Will you be providing photographs/images to be used on your Website? yes no
Do you have any trademarked/copyrighted logos/artwork that must be used? yes no
If "yes", please list here

Do you have a corporate logo? yes no
If "no", would like us to design a logo for you? yes no
Example URLs
Please provide URLs (website addresses) of some sites that you find appealing
(Not necessarily the same industry as yours)
Please provide URLs (website addresses) of some sites that you feel have a Good User
Interface (navigation, etc.)
Please provide URLs (website addresses) of some Competitor sites
Your Target Audience
Describe you target audience

What geographic areas do you want to target? (local cities, international, etc.)

What demographic markets do you want to target? (business size, gender, age group)

Navigation Mapping
Do you have a preference for the navigation placement?
What works for the design? yes no

What are the main areas of the site that you want visitors to see?
(products, services, links, contact us page)

Site Content
Is the content for the website already developed?
yes no

Do you plan to add new content?
yes no

Who will be providing the content?
in-house subcontracted

Do you need professional copywriting services?
yes no
Website Features
What features would you like included in your Website?
Ecommerce Shopping Cart? yes no
Newsletter? yes no
Links? yes no
Live tech support? yes no
Catalog? yes no
Order Form? yes no
Job Application Form? yes no

Domain Names
Do you currently have a domain name? yes no
If "yes:, please list
If "no", would like help choosing/registering one? yes no
Web Hosting
Do you currently have a Web hosting provider? yes no
If "yes", are they meeting your requirements? yes no
Do you know what platform your host offers? Windows Unix
Do you plan to maintain your own Website? yes no
Website promotion
What other marketing mediums do you use? (print ad, radio, TV, bulk mail, etc)

Are you interested in a search optimization program? yes no
When do you want to begin this project?
When do you want this project completed?
Additional Information Please use this area to share any information that will help us to understand your goals and objectives for your new Website. This will also help us develope a comprehensive proposal for you.

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