There was a time when just by enduring a few commercials every hour you could watch TV free. The companies airing the TV programs got paid by the sponsors who were counting on viewers to be impressed enough by their ads to go out and buy their products.
Somewhere along the way companies got greedy, people got more gullible and now we all pay to watch TV yet still are bombarded with commercials. Somewhere along the way, along with the current juvenile mindset displayed worlwide and in every avenue of life, people are willing to follow like sheep to the slaughter into their trap. Now we have a much greater selection of what to watch (wonderful) but we are paying for (some gladly)and many, many TV related concerns are receiving (ecstaticically, I'm sure) money, hands over fists.
Not only are we paying twice for the same service but the costs keep going up, the commercial to feature ratio keeps increasing and the programming keeps getting crappier. No matter which package you choose from whomever the supplier, a substantial percentage is paid programming ( more commercials) and programs which in earlier times would have been aimed at children.
That's my gripe for the day. If you have an opinion on this or another matter and would like to share, please express it here.

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